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We are an experienced London Air Conditioning Company specialised in Cooling, Heating and Ventilation systems for Residential and Commercial applications. Our engineers are fully trained and experienced in the installation of Air Conditioning Solutions from Mitsubishi, Daikin, Panasonic, LG, Samsung and more.

A trusted London Air Conditioning Company serving Central and Greater London and surrounding Counties.

We are accredited installers for some of the best Air conditioning Systems available in the UK and London.


New Build Domestic
Heating and Aircon

ACS supply ultra-efficient Hot Water and Heating Systems from Daikin. Installed in London and surrounding areas by Air Cooling Services

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Having over 12 years of experience along with our passion and drive for excellent customer service, we are ranked in a list of the Best Air Conditioning Companies in the UK

Climate Control
for Every Season

Air conditioning heating and cooling systems for climate control all year long. We offer robust solutions that keep you and your clients comfortable whatever the weather is outside.

Why Air Conditioning Servicing Is Required to Ensure Seamless Functionality

The air conditioning system of your home must be in its best condition throughout the year. The system has a great impact on the interior air quality and your health.

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Yearly servicing and monthly maintenance are required to keep the machine in its best form. Regular servicing will ensure flawless functionality, safety and low energy bills.

Reasons to Spend Money on Air Conditioning Services

  1. Increased efficiency: A well-maintained AC will run more efficiently than one not serviced regularly. This means you’ll save energy and money on your cooling costs. This will reduce your monthly energy bills.
  2. Longer life: By keeping your AC in good condition, you’ll help it last longer. Annual servicing can help identify and fix small problems before they turn into bigger, more expensive issues.
  3. Improved performance: A yearly service will ensure that your AC is running at its best performance possible. This means you’ll be cooler and more comfortable all summer long.
  4. Enhanced safety: Faulty ACs can be a fire hazard. Regular servicing can help identify any potential problems and prevent them from becoming a safety hazard.
  5. Improved air quality: A dirty AC unit can circulate dust and other particles throughout your home, leading to poor air quality. Annual servicing can help clean the unit and improve the air quality in your home.
  6. Peace of mind: When you have regular annual servicing done on your AC, you can rest assured that it is in good condition and less likely to break down during the hottest part of the year. This peace of mind is worth its weight in gold!

Why Hire Experts for AC Servicing and Repairs?

The AC is one of the most complex electronic appliances your home can have. It demands regular servicing done by certified and licensed AC technicians. They are known for;

  • Vast experience with all kinds of air conditioning systems, irrespective of the model, and make
  • High skill in diagnosing and fixing the issues in different types of AC units
  • Fully insured and guaranteed services at competitive costs
  • Comprehensive AC services for residential and commercial properties


At Air Cooling Services Ltd, we offer affordable maintenance of AC units in and around Sutton. Our technicians are highly qualified, efficient and well-equipped. Please get in touch with our team to know more about our services specially designed for residential and commercial AC units.