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We are an experienced London Air Conditioning Company specialised in Cooling, Heating and Ventilation systems for Residential and Commercial applications. Our engineers are fully trained and experienced in the installation of Air Conditioning Solutions from Mitsubishi, Daikin, Panasonic, LG, Samsung and more.

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We are accredited installers for some of the best Air conditioning Systems available in the UK and London.


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ACS supply ultra-efficient Hot Water and Heating Systems from Daikin. Installed in London and surrounding areas by Air Cooling Services

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Having over 12 years of experience along with our passion and drive for excellent customer service, we are ranked in a list of the Best Air Conditioning Companies in the UK

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Air conditioning heating and cooling systems for climate control all year long. We offer robust solutions that keep you and your clients comfortable whatever the weather is outside.

Need Efficient Air Conditioning Installation? Few Reasons to Trust an Expert

Air conditioning is a vital need, especially in the summer months. An air conditioner machine is one of the vital appliances of your HVAC system. As the user, you must take proper care to retain its optimum working condition.

Air Conditioning Installation

Installing an Air Conditioner: Things to Know

After buying the appliance, your first task is to find a reliable expert in air conditioning installations. You may likely opt for DIY installation in a bid to save some money. However, this can be particularly dangerous, especially if you do not have prior experience performing this task.

Why Book a Professional for Air Conditioning Installation?

Faulty installation can cost you dearly in the long run, so consulting a professional installer is beneficial. Some benefits are discussed in detail below.

  • They Have Considerable Experience: Installing an air conditioning machine is the primary responsibility of a professional. The sheer experience helps them to become trusted personnel for this job. They handle all kinds of installations and have a clear knowledge of the various complexities of the process.

  • Cost and Time Efficient: Peace of mind is essential when handling a major task like air conditioning installation. A professional can guarantee you a hassle-free installation. This enables reducing the overall cost and time needed to complete the process.
  • Helps Avoid Warranty Issues: Any kind of electrical home appliance comes with a warranty. So, if the installation is not done by experts, there is a fear of voiding warranty. Some air conditioner suppliers may have a clause. It clearly indicates performing the installation job by an expert. You need to follow this clause if you do not want to spend dearly when something goes wrong with the unit.
  • Necessary Certifications: When looking for a professional aircon installer, you must look for their certifications and permits. It is a vital document that shows the credibility of the professional. They are also permitted to handle refrigerants and electrical wiring. To ensure a safe installation, following this point is necessary.

air cooling services ltd

These are a few reasons you must collaborate with a professional aircon installer. If you are looking for an expert in this job, contact a well-known source like Air Cooling Services Ltd. We are a reliable name for air conditioning installations in Croydon. Our team comprises experts. They have considerable experience in performing complex installations. For more information, you can visit our website today.