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How to Keep Your Air Conditioning Unit Running Smoothly in Winter

Wintertime is typically when you turn off your air conditioning unit and switch to heating. But what happens if your AC unit needs repairs during the winter? Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for AC units to malfunction during the winter months. Thankfully, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that your AC unit stays in top condition until spring arrives. Let’s dive into how you can maintain your air conditioning unit in winter.

Winter Care Air Conditioning Winter

Clean or Replace Air Filters

Air filters play a crucial role in maintaining optimal airflow within an air conditioning system. This is especially true when it comes to keeping dust and dirt out of the system, which can clog up the components and cause malfunctions. To avoid any issues with your AC system, it’s important to regularly clean or replace air filters as needed throughout winter.

Check for Leaks

Leaks in an AC system can cause damage and reduce efficiency over time if left unchecked. To avoid this, it’s important to inspect all external parts of your unit for any signs of moisture buildup or leakage, such as rusting metal components or mold growth on ductwork. If you find any leaks, contact a professional HVAC technician for help with repairs right away.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is key when it comes to keeping an air conditioning system running smoothly year-round. Schedule regular maintenance visits with a professional HVAC technician who will be able to inspect all components of your AC system, check for any potential problems, and make necessary repairs before they become costly issues down the line. This will help keep your AC unit running efficiently and extend its lifespan significantly over time.


Maintaining your air conditioning unit during the winter months is essential for ensuring that it runs smoothly throughout the year — especially since repairs tend to be more expensive during winter due to increased demand and decreased availability of parts and technicians. Thankfully, by following these simple tips — cleaning or replacing air filters, checking for leaks, and scheduling regular maintenance — you can keep your AC unit running at peak performance all year round! So don’t wait — start taking care of your AC unit today!