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How Can Improper Air Conditioning Maintenance Stop Your AC From Working?

by | Jul 20, 2023 | Air Conditioning

When the air conditioner stops working suddenly in the middle of the scorching hot summer, it can be a fatal situation. You need to call an air conditioning expert immediately to fix it. However, you can easily eliminate this problem with proper long-term air conditioning maintenance. Maintenance is the key to keeping the AC running in a smooth condition. To avoid costly repairs, you should maintain the AC properly. Make sure that you get it serviced annually by professionals.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

You’ll find many professionals who can help you maintain air conditioning in Brighton. Why is your AC not cooling? Here’s a list of probable reasons behind that.

Four reasons your AC is not cooling due to improper maintenance

Clogged air filter

If you maintain the air filters of the AC properly, they might get clogged with dust particles. That’s when the AC will start to malfunction. A clogged air filter will decrease the speed of airflow. Keeping operating the AC with a clogged air filter will put pressure on the compressor.

Dirty evaporator coil

Proper maintenance and cleaning of the evaporator coil will also protect the AC. Without proper cleaning and monthly servicing, the evaporator coil of the AC will be covered with a layer of dirt, oil and grime substances. The dirt creates a layer of insulation and forces the AC to emit hot air instead of cold air.

Damaged capacitor

Servicing will make you aware of the problems present in your capacitor. AC capacitors are the batteries of the AC. So if the capacitor is damaged, the motor might burn under excessive pressure. So if you hear a clicking sound from the AC unit, there’s a high chance that your capacitor has been damaged.

Broken compressor

If you face issues with a broken compressor, there’s a high chance that the AC will stop working. The compressor’s role is to compress the refrigerant and increase the temperature. Compressor problems cannot be diagnosed easily. With the help of proper maintenance, you can assess the problem at the earliest. If you schedule your AC for servicing, the mechanic will check the condition of the compressor and make sure that the same is in good condition.

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