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We are an experienced London Air Conditioning Company specialised in Cooling, Heating and Ventilation systems for Residential and Commercial applications. Our engineers are fully trained and experienced in the installation of Air Conditioning Solutions from Mitsubishi, Daikin, Panasonic, LG, Samsung and more.

A trusted London Air Conditioning Company serving Central and Greater London and surrounding Counties.

We are accredited installers for some of the best Air conditioning Systems available in the UK and London.


New Build Domestic
Heating and Aircon

ACS supply ultra-efficient Hot Water and Heating Systems from Daikin. Installed in London and surrounding areas by Air Cooling Services

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Having over 12 years of experience along with our passion and drive for excellent customer service, we are ranked in a list of the Best Air Conditioning Companies in the UK

Climate Control
for Every Season

Air conditioning heating and cooling systems for climate control all year long. We offer robust solutions that keep you and your clients comfortable whatever the weather is outside.

The Daikin Altherma LT Split is capable of achieving market leading energy efficiency. So it needs less power and delivers higher heat outputs at low temperatures, thus reducing running costs.

The full range spans 4-16kW capacities and has been expanded to include smaller 4-8kW models, fully optimised for lower heat loads. With exceptional frost protection, each one is guaranteed to perform in severe weather down to -25°C.

Even the new indoor unit has been transformed, requiring 50% less installation space, with front access and an intelligent controller for easy commissioning and servicing.

The new Daikin Altherma LT Split range comes with an easy-to-use, intelligent controller for smart room temperature control, making commissioning simpler for installers, as well as optimising comfort and energy efficiency for end users.

Daikin Approved Altherma LT Installers

We offer Daikin Air Conditioning System Installations and Maintenance in

Create your Climate tomorrow with an ultra-efficient Hot Water and Heating System from Daikin. Installed in London and surrounding areas by Air Cooling Services”