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Are you looking for an efficient, recognised air condition servicing company? We are air cooling service ltd. In Wimbledon a leading air conditioning servicing company serving in this field for many years. Air cooling service ltd. Works throughout Wimbledon providing high quality and long lasting air conditioning solution for both domestic and commercial customers that is air con company Wimbledon. Our air cooling company was established in the year 2000.

Keeping in mind about the clients benefits we provide our service to the commercial as well as domestic purpose that is air con company Wimbledon. We are specialised in commercial and domestic air conditioning that is air con company Wimbledon. We work with the industry leading air conditioning systems from recognised global manufacturers which makes us a leading company in this field that is air con company Wimbledon.

Our service is complete from consultation to system recommendation, through to supply, installation and annual maintenance that is air con company Wimbledon.

We provide complete peace of mind to our client being an established company. We also provide knowledge, advice to our customer that is air con company Wimbledon.

We aim our air conditioning maintenance and service plans to deliver on that commitment that is air con company Wimbledon.

The services that our company provide

  • Air cooling service ltd. Offers installation, service and maintenance of the most complex HVAC air con(air conditioning) system that is air con company Wimbledon
  • Our company air cooling service ltd. Provide complete service including consultation, system recommendation, through supply, installation and annual maintenance in Wimbledon and its adjacent areas that is air con company Wimbledon.
  • Alternatively if you are experiencing problems with you air conditioning system in Wimbledon and would like a visit from one of our trained engineer, please call or email us to arrange an appointment for you.
  • We provide free air conditioning installation site survey in Wimbledon. Our engineers visit your site to discuss suitable air conditioning options. We involve you in every step, that means recommendations are based on mutual discussion. 

Our company’s philosophy

Air cooling service ltd’s philosophy is to create a friendly working relationship with our clients. With many years of experience in retail, design, installation, service and maintenance to the commercial and residential sector in Wimbledon that is air con company Wimbledon we feel we are pleased to assist you with any project that may arise that is air con company Wimbledon.

In our company we use r32 based system. The benefits you get of r32 based systems

  • Low GWP of 675
  • High efficiency refrigerant
  • F-gas phase down compliant
  • Less refrigerant volume requirement compared to r410a
  • Affordable and readily available in market
  • A single component refrigerant
  • Easy to handle, reuse and recycle
  • Used in the newest products from major manufacturers.

Our maintained system have 5 years warranty to give you extra value when considering a reliable and highly rated air conditioning system company in London.

Call us to for the service or you can also visit our company.

What our customers say

Air con company Wimbledon

Air Cooling Services Ltd. is a family operated Air Conditioning Company started in 2000. We specialise in Commercial and Domestic Air Conditioning.

We offer Installation, Service and Maintenance of even the most complex HVAC Aircon (Air Conditioning) systems

Residential Air Conditioning

Industrial and Commercial Aircon Systems

Computer Server Rooms

Hospitals and Clinics

New Build Heating and Cooling Installations

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